Steel and tempered glass Craftsman fireplace front.
 Hammered copper powder coat with hand applied high heat black texture panels.
Andy Phillips Finals-18.jpg
 Hand ground texture waves.
 Three overlapping panels to cover an interior corner column.
new pics 097.jpg
new pics 100.jpg
 Hand hammered stainless fireplace screen.
new pics 060.jpg
new pics 062.jpg
new pics 128.jpg
 Two tone aluminum, glass and steel fireplace front that matches original Craftsman tiles.
new pics 127.jpg
new pics 122.jpg
 Antique bike frame pot and pan rack.
new pics 957.jpg
 Bike frame railing panels.
Picture 629.jpg
bike rail after install.JPG
 Bike frame upright railing posts.
Picture 627.jpg
Picture 626.jpg
 Grip rail and curved end.
Picture 633.jpg
 Sliding medicine cabinet mirror utilizing reclaimed bike parts.
Picture 949.jpg
 Tractor tire freestanding wheelBARow with 2" chain foot rest.
 Cutting off the excess from floor bolts.
 Raw steel X frame benches and tables.
new pics 814.jpg
 Black Iron pipe tables and benches.
 Interior rusted steel and wood wall panels.
Picture 245.jpg
Picture 246.jpg
 Industrial salvage art wall piece.
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