who is black fin?

Black Fin Design & Fabrication was founded in 2008 as a way to pursue artistic projects that require practical considerations.

I got my start in woodworking and glass shops before finding a niche in the metal trade. After passing my welding certifications I worked for 5 years in the marine and aircraft industries while teaching welding sculpture classes at tech schools in the evening. I spent another 7 years working with a custom sign company that focused on high end hotel, restaurant, and casino interiors.

I specialize in aluminum and steel fabrication and place an emphasis on multi-media opportunities. Keeping my welding certifications current enables me to pursue projects that need to meet structural code. With a background in art I can also help to realize purely creative projects for clients. My favorite challenges usually require high attention to detail and a cohesive application within a setting.

As an avid free diver and spear-fisherman, I draw inspiration from the underwater environment in the Pacific Northwest. Sustainability and environmental impact are priorities that inform my creative process, utilizing post consumer materials wherever possible.

I look forward to working with you!

- Andy Phillips

Contact me at andy@blackfindesign.com